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Leveraging Our Mix Operation & Formulation Experience

WRM’s laboratory staff has extensive experience formulating mixes for various segments of the food industry. In fact, for many years, WRM had its own mix operation and formulated a variety of baking mixes, including cakes, pastries, waffles, breads, sweet doughs, doughnuts, muffins, batters and breadings. By combining the formulation experience of our laboratory with the knowledge of our Kansas State-trained milling staff, WRM is able to produce specific flours with the proper performance needed for whatever our customers’ baking operations require.

If you are unsure what flour would work best or if you want to try to improve baking quality and results, our laboratory staff will work to match the optimum flour for your baking needs.

To learn more, contact Steve Friesner at 443-574-0244 or via email.