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WRM Products

Commercial Flours & Corn Meals

At WRM, we produce flours and corn meals for commercial businesses of all sizes. As a flour supplier focused on food safety and consistent flour quality, we also understand how to be flexible in responding to your exact flour needs and delivery requirements. To learn more about our capabilities, please visit our Commercial Flours & Corn Meals page or contact one of our sales representatives at 443-574-0244.

Food Service Flours & Corn Meals

Need a reliable source of high-quality flours and corn meals for food service and restaurant use? Please visit our Food Service page or contact us at 443-574-0244 or send us an email.

Private Label Flours

Looking for a competent and competitive private label flour supplier capable of producing flours in a wide variety of pack sizes with reasonable lead times? Learn more about WRM's capabilities on our Private Label Products page or contact us directly at 443-574-0244.

Consumer Brands

If you're interested in learning more about our consumer brands -- such as our Indian Head Corn Meals, Washington Flours and Washington Breadings -- please visit our consumer products page to access product information, recipes and more.