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Food Service Flours & Corn Meals

Milling, Packaging & Delivery

WRM has a sophisticated infrastructure and exceedingly high standards of quality for grains used to make our flours. We employ managers trained at Kansas State, the only university to offer a four-year degree in flour milling and our Food Safety department ensures compliance with regulatory agencies.

In addition to delivering in bulk, our packaging options include 25-pound, 50-pound or 100-pound packages. Our three mill locations in Maryland and Pennsylvania provide us with substantial and convenient logistical reach. As standard practice, we implement quality testing on all finished products prior to their shipment.

For a quote, please email or call Steve Friesner at 443-574-0244.

All Purpose, Soft Wheat & Whole Wheat Flours

WRM has a wide range of experience working with restaurants of all sizes -- from chain restaurants to single unit establishments -- in supplying cake flour, pastry flour, H & R (Hotel & Restaurant) flour and corn meal. View our complete line of products below and contact us to learn more about how we can meet your cooking and baking needs.

Washington Hotel and Restaurant Flour

Offering a perfect blend of hard and soft wheat flour, excellent for all types of baking, including making biscuits, muffins, cakes and pie crusts. Available in 25-pound and 50-pound bags.

Washington Self-Rising Flour

This premium flour is blended with baking powder and salt, and is used by the finest bakeries for cakes, biscuits, cookies and pie crusts. Available in 25-pound bags.

White Lily Pastry Flour

Designed to produce high-quality pie crusts, cookies and muffins, White Lily Pastry Flour is also excellent for thickening gravies and soups. Available in 50-pound and 100-pound bags.

Velvetx Cake Flour

Velvetx is the finest quality cake flour available, specifically designed to produce premium high-sugar and high-fat cakes and muffins. Available in 50-pound and 100-pound bags.

Martha Washington Cake Flour

A cake flour used to produce high quality cakes and muffins whose formulas require a little more strength than a high-ration cake flour provides. This product is also excellent for thickening gravies and soups. Available in 50-pound and 100-pound bags.

Yellow & White Corn Meals

We take whole, plump, yellow or white corn kernels and slowly grind them the old-fashioned way, on stone buhrs, to produce a full-flavored corn meal. In this process, the rich, natural heart or “germ” of the corn is ground right into the meal so it retains its full corn flavor. We can produce a variety of yellow or white corn meals – including our Indian Head grade or self-rising and wheat-flour enriched corn meals.

Indian Head Stone Ground Yellow Corn Meal

A true classic trusted by America’s best chefs. Available in 50-pound bags.

Indian Head Stone Ground White Corn Meal

A brand name delivering on decades of quality and performance. Available in 5-pound and 50-pound bags.

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